Valuing a region goes beyond just taking care of the space, seeking the conservation of nature and zeal for the architecture and culture. The valorization process includes the constant search for sustainable development and, in this sense, fostering practices that attract eyes to the place, to encourage more and more people to feel invited to know and witness the beauties and attractions of the region is fundamental.

Ecotourism is an activity that plays an essential role in preserving the cultural and natural heritage of each region.

Understanding that São Luiz do Purunã has a vocation for tourism, the Purunã Institute works to sensitize the community to the collective collaboration with the care of the region, contributing to the conservation of attractions, preserving the history and regional culture.

Come to São Luiz do Purunã

São Luiz do Purunã is a district of Balsa Nova (PR) that preserves the traditions of ancestors, in line with progress. It became known for the great rodeo that took place for many years in the district. In a cozy environment and in the midst of nature, surely this region is ideal for those who want to take time out of routine and renew the energies. We separated some tips of attractions and activities that São Luiz do Purunã offers to visitors. Take a look:

What to do?

The attractions of São Luiz do Purunã are aligned with the concept of ecotourism, where you can enjoy the space, but with respect and awareness of the need to conserve it. Some options of what to do are:

  • Horse Riding: São Luiz do Purunã’s formation and vocation have always been linked to the horse, either by the heritage of the tropeiros or by the traditions of the families that formed the region. The animal has its importance in the economic development of the place, concentrating several huts that raise horses and promote the tourist vocation and traditionally tropeira. Horseback riding takes place on weekends and holidays, lasting between one and three hours, along rural roads, native fields and forests, rivers and canyons.
  • Cycle TourismSão Luiz do Purunã is the ideal place for those who want to venture out in a historic and tranquil setting. The geography of the region allows the practice of cycling to be performed by both experienced athletes and beginners who only crave a different ride on two wheels.

To facilitate this practice, the Purunã Institute has mapped out routes for cyclists interested in doing this activity in the district. Access here.

  • Abseiling and climbingthe incredible walls of the Serra de São Luiz do Purunã are perfect for those who want to venture into rappelling or discover other landscapes to practice this very exciting sport. Climbing is also an option. Filled with large cliffs, São Luiz do Purunã sandstone concentrates high quality roads in different sectors, for both climbing professionals and beginners.
  • Trails and hikingWith amazing trails for its unique beauty, São Luiz do Purunã has several routes for walking. Along the way you can observe the beautiful landscape and the region’s campeira tradition, a tradition that is much appreciated in the local cuisine. São Luiz do Purunã has establishments that offer specific itineraries and group schedules.
  • Arches Bridge: with 585 meters long and 60 meters high, the bridge is located in the Tamanduá region, over the Papagaios river. It was built over the Iguaçu River to continue the railways. The stretch connects Balsa Nova to Porto Amazonas.
  • Bridge of the ParrotsThe river of the Papagaios, which divides the municipalities of Balsa Nova and Palmeira, is perfect for those seeking rest and fun, especially in hot seasons. A little more than 60 kilometers from Curitiba – an hour or so by car – following the BR-277 towards the interior of Paraná, is located the public park Recanto dos Papagaios, on the banks of this river of calm waters.
  • Anteater ChapelConsidered one of the oldest buildings in Balsa Nova, the chapel was built by Jesuit priests around 1730 and is located on Morro do Tamanduá. The site preserves many sacred objects of the time and its simplistic construction keeps many mysteries and legends of the ancient residents, such as treasures hidden under the floor and on the ceiling of the little church. The Chapel is listed by the Historical and Artistic Heritage of Paraná since 1970, maintaining its original characteristics.
  • Devonian Ichnofossils: in São Luiz do Purunã there is an outcrop of the Furnas Formation where traces of invertebrate biological activity are imprinted on the rock, produced approximately 410-415 million years ago (early Devonian Period) in a relatively shallow marine environment. This paleontological site, listed as a geological heritage site by the Brazilian Commission of Geological and Paleontological Sites (inscribed Tombo 25-I), is about twenty meters from the BR 277 highway (before the toll plaza), a stretch that connects Curitiba to Ponta Grossa. Known for decades by the entire geoscientific community, the site has been visited by universities, paleontologists and geologists and is open to the general public. Source: State Department of Culture – Coordination of Cultural Heritage.
  • Devonian Escarpment EPAThe São Luiz do Purunã district, along with 12 other cities, is home to part of the Devonian Escarpment EPA, formed about 400 million years ago, is in the union between the First and Second Parana Plateau, endowed with specific biodiversity and geodiversity, unique aesthetic and cultural characteristics. An EPA seeks to ensure sustainability in the use of natural resources and sustainable socioeconomic activities in synergy with biodiversity conservation, as well as a unique scenario for tourists.

Where to eat?

We only truly know a region when we taste the culinary delights it offers. Our cuisine includes the appreciation of local producers and is tempered by the traditions and family recipes that span generations. Check out some options:

  • Cainã Farm Hotel and Restaurant: the place where the Farm Hotel is located was once a resting place for the tropeiros. Those who enjoy a home cooked meal made with love can schedule to have lunch at the Restaurant of Cainã Farm Hotel – that opens on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, but only with advance reservations. On Sundays a delicious rib roasted in the ground fire is served. The place also offers the day use option, in which the tourist can enjoy its structure.

The address is Lage Road, km 51, São Luiz do Purunã – Balsa Nova / PR, and you can make your reservation at (41) 3113-4400.

  • Varshana Inn and Restaurant: with a la carte service, the restaurant at the Varshana Inn is intended for guests, but also serves visitors who want to know it, with advance reservation. In the menu, options of meat, pasta, seafood and also vegetarian options. To accompany, the restaurant has a wine cellar and gourmet beer menu. With the option of Day Use SPA it is possible to spend a relaxing day and have lunch at the inn.

The restaurant is located at Cerro Road, km 5, s/n °, in São Luiz do Purunã, and the contact can be made by (41) 9 9191-7590

  • Grandma Mathilde RestaurantIn addition to enjoying the beautiful waterfall that is on site, which is a separate show, you can gather a group of friends or family for a delicious lunch in the restaurant of the Cristal do Horizonte Inn. On Sundays the delicious ground fire rib is served, a typical dish of the region, as well as the delicious quirera, with vegetables that come straight from the garden.

The restaurant is on Tamanduá Municipal Road, s / n, and the telephone is (41) 9 9973-5633.

  • Old pot Restaurant: on weekends, those who want to enjoy the beauties of a typical rural property can plan and have lunch at the Panela Velha Restaurant, located at the Inn São Luiz do Purunã Park. The place serves homemade food, on the second Sunday of the month is served a ground fire rib. And for vegetarians or vegans, there are vegetable options the suggestion is to try the palm heart lasagna. On Saturdays a delicious afternoon tea is also offered.

The restaurant is located on the Café Highway, BR-376, km 553.50 – 46 km from Barigui Park and reservations can be made by calling (41) 3651-1166, or WhatsApps (41) 9 9127-1682 and (41) 9 9118-4756.

  • Haven of the Arches: Family hospitality every day. Located in a region with countless natural beauties, the Haven of the Arcos has a camping area, barbecue grills, a snack bar, trails and walks through the Papagaios river with a unique view of the Arcos bridge, besides the beautiful Alemão Waterfall. These are some of the attractions of this beautiful refuge.

It is located on the Tamanduá Road, km 18 (next to the Arcos Bridge) and contact can be made by (42) 9 9127-9198.

Visite Purunã

Get to know more attractions and program your schedule to visit and be enchanted by the beauties of São Luiz do Purunã on the site Visite Purunã.