Did you know that the bike has been around for over 500 years and yet is still considered one of the greatest inventions of mankind and great ally of our health and nature? The use of the bicycle as a transportation or just for rides increases more and more.

Benefits of cycling

The incentive to pedal appears for several reasons that contribute to improving the quality of life of people who practice this activity and guarantees positive points such as:

  1. Acceleration of metabolism, preventing the accumulation of fats in the body;
  2. Strengthening of muscular endurance;
  3. Increased respiratory resistance;
  4. Cholesterol reduction and control;
  5. Blood glucose control;
  6. Blood pressure regulation;
  7. Elimination of toxins from the body;
  8. Improved blood circulation. 

These benefits are already well known to people, which directly influences awareness and popular adherence to the use of the bicycle as an ally for well-being, and it is precisely this growth in the practice of cycling that opened new doors for the use of the bike in the day by day, in activities such as touristic cycling, for example.

But what is bicycle tourism?

Cycling tourism is the use of the bicycle to experience adventures on two wheels, without the commitment of a competition or a duty. From it, it is possible to visit new places and experience benefits, in addition to those previously listed, such as the practice of sustainable tourism and in contact with nature.

Everyone, regardless of their experience with the bicycle, can bet on the sport. But it is important to pay attention to some details, as a guarantee of your own safety, such as the choice of itinerary and travel time.

São Luiz do Purunã is the ideal place for those who wish to venture into the midst of an historic and peaceful setting. The geography of the region allows the practice of touristic cycling to be carried out by both experienced athletes and beginners, who only want a different ride on two wheels.

“Wonderful landscape, very beautiful mountain region. Worth it.” Gerson Cruz

‘São Luiz do Purunã was the region that made me fall in love with competitive cycling. It was in this region – of unique landscapes that share plateaus and with challenging topography that I trained for many years for disputes in the mountain bike and road cycling modalities. Today, after 21 years of competing professionally, in 2018 I returned to the region with my bicycle, but for another purpose, riding! I discovered bicycle tourism, contemplation tourism, sustainable tourism, ecotourism. And luckily for us, the region soon understood the commercial and sustainable potential of this new tourist and structured cycle routes. Democratically thought out! Contemplating routes for beginners and the most experienced. Three official routes, mapped, well signposted and safe for those who chose the bicycle for tourism and health. Congratulations to the Purunã Institute for the initiative. I hope it will serve as an example for all other regions of Paraná and Brazil.’

Cynthia Duarte, Professional cyclist, Brazilian and Paraná champion, creator and presenter of the Pedala Paraná Program, columnist on the radio Cultura de Curitiba.

Another important issue to be noted is security. Cycling on a rural road is safer than in the city or asphalt, which does not mean that attention should be less, just look at some care tips indicated:

  1. Choose a suitable path for the practice of touristic cycling;
  2. Share with friends and family the route you will take;
  3. Try to keep in touch with people whenever possible;
  4. Carry personal documents and basic health care information (such as blood type and if you have medication restrictions);
  5. Beware of dehydration: always have water on hand..

Depending on the preparation, the cyclist can find mountain bike modalities on the tour, such as cross-country on roads or downhill on mountain ranges. There is no specific training for cycling, it all depends on the person and their limits. However, important points to be observed are the psychological and physical preparation appropriate to the type of tourism you want to do, according to the environment to be explored, activity time and length of the route.

Photo Irene Roiko Cheli

Contact with nature

Cycling with nature is an excellent option for those who want to practice an exercise and enjoy a beautiful landscape with lots of fresh air during the route. Generally, the environments that allow this adventure are accessible to all people and, therefore, do not require large investments or effort when enjoying  it.

To inspire you to include this exercise in your routine – and to look fondly at São Luiz do Purunã as a good option to stage your adventure, we list some of the main benefits of cycling on routes that exist in the middle of nature. Check it out:

Time and resource optimization

In general, exercises in the middle of nature contribute to saving time and money. These activities offer autonomy and flexibility that facilitate practice. For example: be it a beach, a park or a square in the city, these places usually offer good conditions for exercising on a bicycle. You just need to understand the level of challenge you are willing to face during the adventure.

In São Luiz do Purunã we have signposted routes to ensure that everyone can enjoy moments of relaxation in contact with the Floresta de Araucárias that makes up our region.

Increase focus 

Did you know that 20 minutes of cycling daily outdoors is enough to improve your focus and attention levels? This is what the pesquisa realizada pela Universidade de Illinois, with children aged 7 to 12 years. Nowadays, with the hard routine, it is difficult to find enough concentration to handle all the chores. Setting aside time to leave the house and practice an activity that you enjoy outdoors allows a connection with the present moment, without interruptions of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. For the rest of the day to be productive, it is important to breathe new air and see new scenarios amid nature.

Improves mood

Physical exercise releases endorphins, the hormone responsible for the feeling of well-being. Practicing pedaling in the middle of nature means being more open to social contacts and interactions with the environment in general, which makes a difference to reduce the tension of everyday life. Vitamin D, produced by the body through exposure to sunlight, is also a considerable factor, as it reduces the risk of depression. Just remember to choose the appropriate times and do not neglect the sunscreen.

Come cycling in São Luiz do Purunã! 

In order to create an environment prepared for cycling in São Luiz do Purunã, Purunã Routes was created. The project was designed to draw fully signposted routes in public space and its development aims to build options for cycling, hiking and horseback riding trails. There are more than 40 kilometers of signposted trails, with three levels of difficulty to serve all audiences. 

To know the map of our trails, just access aqui. We look forward to your visit! Also watch the episódio do Pedala Paraná em São Luiz do Purunã, produced by Cynthia Duarte.