How about enjoying the summer, with lush scenery? Whether you are a fan of contemplation and calm, or of adventure, we have the ideal suggestion for the last months of your summer: imposing and delicate waterfalls, in the middle of the Floresta com Araucárias and Campos Naturais!

It is on sunny days that people take advantage of the best that nature has to offer and seek true havens where you can enjoy and admire amazing waterfalls, enjoying the tranquility of these environments close to the city, but far from the urban bustle. We listed great suggestions for waterfalls for you to visit and enjoy a few kilometers from Curitiba, in the region of São Luiz do Purunã, in Campos Gerais. Check it out:

Alemão Waterfall 

When leaving Curitiba on BR 277, following a little ahead of São Luiz do Purunã, on the Tamanduá Road is the Recanto dos Arcos, affectionately nicknamed Alemão Waterfall due – precisely – to the origin of the then owner of the land: Antôn Warkentin.

Open to the public since 2007, the waterfall receives tourists who go there to cool off on hot days, or even to camp and enjoy time close to nature. There you can find an organized area for those who want to spend the day, camp or stay in cozy cottages, with environments for hammocks, restaurant for lunch and cafe (open by scheduling meals in advance), natural and artificial pool, electric shower (for those who want to camp) and place for fishing in Papagaios River.

You can find more information, times and values on Facebook Recanto dos Arcos. The scheduling of meals can be done by Whatsapp, at the number (42) 991-279-198.

Recanto dos Papagaios

Between the municipalities of Balsa Nova and Palmeira, approximately 50 km from the capital of Paraná, is the Recanto dos Papagaios: a park with free entry and offering great options of relieve on hot days, as well as to live experiences in the middle of the peace of nature.

If your goal is to bathe in a natural pool or in the waters of the Papagaios River, this is an excellent option for your day. At Recanto dos Papagaios it is also possible to practice fishing, enjoy a walk along its trails (which lead to waterfalls) and enjoy time with family and friends at one of the kiosks available for public use.

You can clear up your doubts and find out more information about this place by following their page on Facebook, or in contact by calling (41) 99642-1029. 

Bruel Waterfall 

The set of small waterfalls that oxygenate the Tamanduá River, at the height of the Cristal do Horizonte Inn (in São Luiz do Purunã), forms the beautiful Bruel Waterfall. Following a small trail, it is possible that adventurers who come to know this destination already begin to find the small falls that make up the Bruel Waterfall. With great places for bathing, from quieter and shallower places, to some that offer a slightly higher level of difficulty, there are options for the whole family to enjoy a hot day.

Access to the waterfalls is allowed only to guests of the Cristal do Horizonte Inn. And there, in addition to the Bruel Waterfall, you can also

 enjoy your free time to rest in cozy cottages, indulge yourself with homemade cookery and even get to know more of the history of our region visiting the Capela do Tamanduá – tourist spot of Balsa Nova. 

Learn more about Cristal do Horizonte and other São Luiz do Purunã inns aqui. For more information and reservations, access the página or contact us at (41) 99973-5633.

Panelão Waterfall 

This curious name that Panelão (big pot) Waterfall received is due to its large water well, which draws the attention of several tourists on hot days, as it is a safe and refreshing attraction. And when we talk about Panelão Waterfall, it is worth mentioning that even though the main well is responsible for the christening name, there are other smaller “pots” upstream.

As the “pots” vary in depth from a few centimeters to up to 7 meters, when more than 20 mm of rain occurs they can become dangerous for bathing and, as a safety measure, they are closed for visitation.

For this reason, it is necessary to follow the page of the Cachoeira do Panelão on Facebook, because that’s where the access information, times and values are disclosed.

Mariquinha Waterfall 

Following a few more kilometers ahead of São Luiz do Purunã, towards Curitiba, you can reach the Mariquinha Waterfall – a Conservation Unit located approximately 30 kilometers from the center of Ponta Grossa. One of its main differentials is the sandy beach formed by the waterfall, which consists of a perfect space for swimming.

But before enjoying this wonder, you get a bonus for getting to it. About 15 minutes of a quiet walk, close to the river, until you reach the waterfall of approximately 30 meters high. It is a perfect option for tourists and has private parking.

The Ponta Grossa City Hall itself makes available on its page information on the operation of prices related to visits to Mariquinha. Confira

São Jorge River Waterfall 

Also in Ponta Grossa, you can enjoy the São Jorge River Waterfall. With attractions that contemplate from the most adventurous tourists, to quiet spaces to bathe and refresh. It is located in the Canyon São Jorge Park and is part of the attractions of this place, which besides the waterfall offers natural pools, rock formations perfect for sports activities, as well as a small canyon.

The access to the waterfall of approximately 30 meters also presents itself as an adventure in itself, since it requires walking along a trail through the woods and rocks of the region. Oh, but don’t worry, if trails and climbing aren’t your thing, you can enjoy the natural pools that are right at the beginning of the park.

Information on times and prices for access to the region is also available on the Prefeitura de Ponta Grossa

Buraco do Padre

One of the most important tourist spots in the Campos Gerais region, Buraco do Padre (Priest’s Hole) is approximately 24 km from the center of Ponta Grossa, in the Itaiacoca region. Its main attraction is the cave at the intersection of geological faults and fractures in the rocks. Access to the interior of the cave is through the bed of the Quebra-Perna River, where there is an imposing waterfall of 30 meters high.

Once inside the Buraco do Padre cave it is possible to dive in the water basin or take a bath in the cold water to leave with renewed energy. It is also worth noting that the curious name of the attraction was given by the caboclos and tropeiros who passed there, as it was a place where Jesuit priests used it as a refuge to meditate and to self-flagellate.

For more information on access, prices and times, click aqui

Tapera Velha Waterfall

The Tapera Velha waterfall is located in Espaço do Campo (, accessed by BR 277, right at km 148, just 51 km from Barigui Park in Curitiba. The springs of the river that forms the waterfall are born inside the farm itself, running on stone slabs. The waterfall stands out for being the highest in the region, with about 30 meters high, and has an odd feature, for falling in the middle of a small lake, thanks to the projection of the stone from which the water falls. So you can access the waterfall from all sides of the waterfall and bathe in the lake safely.

Visitation to the waterfall must be confirmed in advance, as it is not open every weekend. The waterfall and the property are highly sought for photo shoots by brides, in addition to weddings in the countryside (and in the waterfall itself). For more information, the contact number is 41 99800-0217 / Instagram: @espacodocampo

Ready for a waterfall bath in the region of São Luiz do Purunã?

Now that you know several waterfall options in São Luiz do Purunã and region, you can plan a new adventure in contact with nature and its waters. And don’t forget to mark the Purunã Institute in your publications when you visit these waterfalls. Together we can increasingly strengthen responsible tourism in our region!