Education is one of the most powerful tools we have for ensuring social transformation. It is from this that people develop their critical sense, have access to more opportunities and usually a higher quality of life. After all, when we learn something, we have the possibility to share and build knowledge with other individuals, and through this diffusion of knowledge and information, the difference for social, environmental and economic development is consolidated.

Without access or appropriation of knowledge, we are indifferent to themes that reflect directly on our reality, such as rights, duties, relationships with nature, adequate working conditions and respect. This is why the Purunã Institute works with education in most of the actions carried out with the community. In order to train and prepare people in their entirety, the performance is always based on the concepts of integral education.

See more about integral education in: Integral education is a methodology that seeks to develop the student in several aspects.

New career possibilities

Education is also responsible for providing understanding and continuous construction of knowledge. This is an essential process for professional development and for securing new opportunities in the job market. A person who qualifies and specializes is more likely to get the desired job. Access to quality and continuing education is a differential for identifying and seizing opportunities.

Awareness of nature conservation

When individuals become more conscious and aware of the impacts of human activities on nature, they become more likely to revise habits and practices, to ensure the conservation of it. Education makes it possible for people to understand that we are co-responsible and dependent on natural resources, and that, therefore, more sustainable decisions need to be made. Thus enabling nature to reestablish itself in harmony with human development.

Decreases violence rates

Social inequality is directly associated with a lack of quality education, and this is related to increased violence, once inserted in the school environment the time young people stay in the street is limited, moreover schooling increases the prospect of future income.

Gives access to rights

Education allows people to be aware of their rights guaranteed by law and that they can demand it, as well as the fulfillment of their duties, that is, they can exercise their citizenship.

What do you think about this?

The Purunã Institute believes that education is a means to achieve sustainable development in the district of São Luiz do Purunã, and once executed efficiently and with quality, the results will be reaped, especially in the long term, contributing to the maintenance of sustainability. Therefore, the focus of our work it is to educate and train several members of the community, in various subjects related to their reality, whether professional or personal. And you, what practices related to education are present in your daily life and how do you intend to transform the world from them? Tell us and let’s work together for a more inclusive and responsible future for all people!