The Purunã Institute recently established a partnership with the SPVS (Society for Wildlife Research and Environmental Education), with the objective of intensifying the work of programs in the Environmental Preservation Area (APA) of the Devonian Escarpment, where the district of São Luiz do Purunã, municipality of Balsa Nova (PR), is located. The first step will be an ecological evaluation for the structuring of some hiking trails on the Monjolo Farm, in order to stimulate the creation of environmental education programs in the area. According to Natasha Choinski, a nature conservation technician at the SPVS, in order to design a concept for the trail, some previous studies are necessary, taking into account the physical environment, fauna and local flora. “There are no longer any forests like São Luiz do Purunã. Stimulating the preservation and conservation of this space is of great importance for maintaining the region,” she points out.

This is an activity developed in the short term in the context of the partnership with the Purunã Institute. The objective is for this collaboration to be intensified so that other areas of the district can benefit from the development of similar projects. SPVS has a strong presence in the APA of Guaraqueçaba (PR) and in the Mata do Uru Reserve, located in the region of Lapa (PR), for example, where they work on the development of projects, including continuous environmental education programs. All this experience will be incorporated into the Purunã Institute, reinforcing its presence and performance in the region.