With the arrival of winter, São Luiz do Purunã becomes even more attractive. The low temperatures totally transform the landscape of the place and the cold becomes a companion of this mountain region, with wonderful views.

It was thinking about this in mind that we separated some suggestions of special places to visit and make your winter more fun and warm.

Why go to São Luiz do Purunã?

São Luiz do Purunã is a district of Balsa Nova (PR) that preserves in its day to day local traditions, the conservation of the ecosystem in line with development, in a cozy environment of singular beauty. For these reasons, this region is certainly ideal for those who want to escape the routine and renew their energies. Regardless of what the expectations are, this haven has options of incredible hotels and inns that certainly provided quality time and fun to those who visit them.

Here you will discover some of the most visited tourist spots during the winter and what are their main attractions, as well as tips on places to stay, eat and enjoy the season. Ready? Lets go!

Find out more about some of them:

Varshana Boutique Hotel 

Credits: Daniel Snege

Located in a privileged region, in front of the Faxina Canyon, the Varshana Boutique Hotel is the perfect place for couples seeking romanticism and tranquility, with differentiated infrastructure away from the turmoil, surrounded by lots of green and fresh air. It is found in the middle of exuberant fauna and flora, surrounded by bucolic roads and hiking trails. Great option to rest and meditate enjoying the view to the sound of birds.

If what you are looking for is a place to warm up your winter and a SPA for your mind, then Varshana is the right option for you.

Contact Information:

Adress: Estrada do Cerro, km 5, s/n°, São Luiz do Purunã – Balsa Nova/PR
Site: http://www.varshana.com.br
E-mail: contato@varshana.com.br

São Luiz do Purunã Park Inn

Credits: Daniel Snege

The Park Inn offers horseback riding, hammocks between trees to enjoy the sun of the cold days, place for hiking, fishing, the fun jardineira ride and even waterfall baths for the adventurous. And, in addition, the Pousada also serves homemade food, on Saturdays a cozy afternoon tea is offered and on the second Sunday of the month the traditional ground fire rib is served.

Contact Information:

Endereço: Rodovia do Café, BR-376, km 553,50, São Luiz do Purunã – Balsa Nova/PR E-mail: pousadaparque@hotmail.com Site:http://www.pousadaparque.com.br/                                                                 
Telefones: (41) 3651-1166, (41) 9 9118-4756 e Whats (41) 9 9127-1682

Cristal do Horizonte Inn

Credits: Daniel Snege

Surrounded by green, the inn consists of cozy cottages with fireplace and offers attractions such as trails, waterfalls and natural pools. Even in the cold, rivers and waterfalls provide a unique experience, be it for its relaxing and comforting sound, or for the energizing beauty that the scenery favors, in addition to visiting the historic Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Conceição – also known as the Chapel of the Tamanduá.

In addition to enjoying nature, it is also possible to get together with your love, family or friends for a delicious lunch in the restaurant that on Sundays serves the delicious ground fire rib, typical dish of the region. Oh, but it doesn’t stops there, during the months of June and July the dish participating will be served in the Pinhão Routes Leisure and Gastronomy Festival 2019 – the rib with pine nut – promoted by ADETUR .

Contact Information:

Adress: Estrada Municipal de Tamanduá, s/n°, São Luiz do Purunã – Balsa Nova/PR E-mail: birabruel@brturbo.com.br Phone: (41) 9 9973-5633

Cainã Farm Hotel

Credits: Daniel Snege

In a region that was once a resting place for tropeiros, the Farm Hotel is located on the old road of Real Caminho do Viamão. It has a variety of chalets, with different options of facilities, where you can enjoy the bucolic landscape of the place with peace and tranquility, go horseback riding, walk through the forest, venture through canyons and still enjoy country cuisine, with the wood burning stove specials flavors, recipes brought by the first tropeiros who passed through the region.

Contact Information:

Adress: Estrada da Lage, 5.000 –  km 51, São Luiz do Purunã – Balsa Nova/PR Site: http://www.hotelfazendacaina.com.br/
Phone: (41) 3105-4400 E-mail: reserva@hotelfazendacaina.com.br

Arcos Refuge

Credits: Daniel Snege

Located in a region with countless natural beauties, the Arcos Refuge has chalets, a camping area, barbecue grills, a snack bar, trails and a walk along the Papagaios River with a unique view of the Arcos Bridge, in addition to the beautiful Alemão Waterfall.

For you to experience family hospitality every day and spend the coldest season of the year celebrating moments of fun and friendship, the Arcos Refuge is an option.

Contact Information:

Adress: Estrada do Tamanduá, km 18 (ao lado da Ponte dos Arcos), São Luiz do Purunã – Balsa Nova/PR
E-mail: claricewarkentin@hotmail.com Phone: (42) 9 9127-9198

Cabanha Esperança do A.E.C

Credits: Archive Cabanha Esperança

Bringing contact, joy, harmony and respect with the natural environment, Cabanha Esperança do A.E.C provides the experience of living with nature with a breathtaking view in an environment full of vibrational energy, as it is the field where therapies are performed with horses, guided by a specialist therapist and also you can venture with a bow and arrow or rappel in a totally Zen environment. Be sure to camp in this unique location in São Luiz do Purunã.

Contact Information:

Adress: João Bertoja Filho, 275 São Luiz Do Purunã, Parana, Brazil
Phone: (41) 99544-1114
and also by: @cabanhaesperancadoaec

CATRE – Adventist Training and Recreation Center

Credits: Archive

Located in the middle of the Araucaria Forest, Catre is an option for all people who feel like spending days in contact with nature, camping, holding retreats, training to the sound of nature. With options for tours and outdoor practices, it is a place that will even keep you warm during the cold winter days.

Form your group and make a reservation to enjoy all the options of outdoor and fun experiences that this place provides.

Contact Information:

Unnamed Rd, Balsa Nova – São Luiz do Purunã – Balsa Nova/PR
Contact: m.me/CatrePuruna 
Phone: (41) 3331-5600

Catarina Ranch

Credits: Archive

In a place marked by the presence of fields, Catarina Ranch is a private property, consisting of cottages and suites available for rent on weekends. Ideal for people who want to spend quality family time away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Each cottage has a combined kitchen, as well as all the coziness and freedom to live the experience with loved ones, with great rest and comfort.

Contact Information:

Tropas Road / dead-end street – Lage Road/ São Luiz do Purunã – Balsa Nova/PR
Phone: (41) 9 9665-9854

Lage Cottage

Crédito: Arquivo Chalé da Lage 

Close to nature and amid the tranquility of the São Luiz do Purunã fields, Lage Cottage has its beautiful garden as a differential. In addition to the possibility of being in touch with the energy of nature, the cottage also offers its guests who seek to enjoy a heated rest inside the house, a fully equipped infrastructure, including a bathtub to relax.

If your goal is to rest and enjoy the seclusion of the big city, this is the perfect place to meet your expectations.

Contact Information:

Leases for the Lage Cottages can be made through platforms such as  Booking and Alugue Temporada.   Phone: 41 98418-2005

P&R Ranch

Credits: Archive Rancho P&R Luxo do Campo

The P&R Ranch Luxury Field, besides being an amazing option to make your event also has the different hosting service with style and European standard in the format: cottages (with extended lease where has only the advantages of a country house), apartment Barn or Chambre, the whole structure for the cold days from underfloor heating, thermal  sheet and complete infrastructure for you to enjoy counting on: Scottish pub; mezzanine with reading corner and home theater; bicycles; hammock center; fishing lake; bonfire by the lake; chimarródromo; tree house with zip lines; pool; SPA; flower greenhouse, hot tub among others.

This is a place for those who want to experience sophistication in the countryside. After all, the P&R Ranch was all thought and planned for this purpose.

Contact Information:

Lage Road, 3751, São Luiz do Purunã – Balsa Nova/PR
Phone: (41) 9 9977- 4468, 
Contact: contato@ranchoper.com.br  

We are waiting for you

Now that you have discovered several options for places to stay, you can plan a winter weekend in São Luiz do Purunã. Also take the time to read  Encante-se com o ecoturismo e natureza de São Luiz do Purunã, to stay tuned for tips and options for activities to do during your stay here. 

The Purunã Institute and the Sustainable Tourism

The Purunã Institute works with the objective of promoting social transformation through the sustainable development of tourism, making together with the community of São Luiz do Purunã a special place to live and an extraordinary place to remember.  Also access the Visite Purunã and follow the events agenda. Featured photo credit: JG.Martini